What’s the environmental impact of your diet?

The best and worst ways to get the protein you need Improving your own health and improving the health of our planet are entirely compatible. But you do need to know: Which foods – and especially meats – have the highest adverse environmental impact How to choose sustainable fish products How to ensure you are … Read more

Soy anti-cancer, good for menopause, heart and bone health

DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SOY AT A GLANCE ♦ SOY and its isoflavones are linked to lower breast cancer risk ♦ SOY and its isoflavones can reduce negative symptoms experienced during the menopause and help alleviate PMS symptoms for younger women ♦ SOY and its isoflavones can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health ♦ … Read more

Inflammation demands anti-anflammatory vitamins and minerals

Dr Paul Clayton 2013 Internal inflammation – the health danger that threatens us all Health researchers now believe they have identified a, or probably even THE, key reason why health seems to inevitably decline with age, and why we therefore need anti-inflammatory supplements to counter it. It’s called ‘chronic, sub-clinical inflammation.’ “Inflammation is an underlying … Read more

Best vitamins for men

Dr Paul Clayton 2014 In an ideal world, you would get all the nutrition you need from the food you eat. But these days that’s wishful thinking. It might well have been true 50 or 60 years ago, when men were far more physically active and ate more. More food means more nutrients. Men need … Read more