Mind-body connection in depression

Deep breathing, heat, exercise, mindfulness meditation and even country walks are all proven aids Depression can be as incapacitating as physical illness. But there are physical actions you can take to help overcome it. Hold your breath! Sit up with your back straight, look upwards and smile. You should already feel a lighter mood. Yes? … Read more Mind-body connection in depression

Curcumin treats depression

Dr Paul Clayton’s Health Newsletter October 2014 Curcumin, the polyphenol derived from turmeric, is already known to have anti-inflammatory effects and to be cardio-, neuro- and chemo-protective; in the last 8 years, over 7000 studies have been completed. Now turmeric appears to be an anti-depressant too. Various teams of scientists have shown that curcumin exerts … Read more Curcumin treats depression