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Dr Paul Clayton, Medical Pharmacologist

Former President of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine

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I believe in health defence through nutrition

I believe that it is possible to stay healthy into ripe old age and to prevent, stabilise and even perhaps to reverse, many of the chronic degenerative diseases.

Underpinning all my research and advice is this simple fact. Given the right nutrition and lifestyle, our bodies have amazing powers of self-healing and regeneration.

They have to – because almost every cell and tissue in your body breaks down and is replaced on a regular basis.

  • Bone is re-absorbed into the body and then renewed
  • Cartilage in joints experiences wear and tear but regenerates
  • Membranes of nerve and other cells are broken down and replaced

Paul Clayton presenting at an international conference in 2013

This natural process of wear and repair is going on all the time in your trillions of cells. Growth and re-growth in bones, cartilage and other tissues is an ‘anabolic’ process, while tissue breakdown is ‘catabolic’.

  • Up to our mid-twenties, our bodies experience anabolic dominance, where growth and repair exceed wear
  • Between 25 and 50, wear is in balance with repair
  • Over 50, without intervention, inadequate nutritional support allows catabolic dominance, as repair does not keep up with wear

I believe it doesn’t have to be like that.

Catabolic dominance happens because, as we age, most people become ever more depleted both in the micro-nutrients needed for tissue repair, and in those needed to slow tissue decay.

I am convinced that with improved nutrition and lifestyle you can greatly extend the period where wear and tear are in balance – and therefore stay healthy longer.

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