A unique all-inclusive

nutritional health supplement


A unique all-inclusive

nutritional health supplement

ESSENTIALS version for under 50s


A unique all-inclusive

nutritional health supplement

PREMIUM version for over 50s


Improve your diet from good to great!

You probably already eat a healthy diet. But now we are advised to eat …

3 portions of oily fish
a week….
…and 10 portions of fruits and vegetables a day….
…. and for most people that’s an ideal rather than realistic.

We developed NutriShield because it helps fill in the gap between the ideal and realistic. It contains highly concentrated,protective plant extracts, Omega 3, optimum levels of vitamins and minerals – and much more.

See how NutriShield can improve your nutritional status from goodto great.

Far more than a simple vitamin supplement

  • Nutrishield obviously includes vitamins and minerals – but they are at optimised not just RDA levels.Plus …
  • High strength Omega 3 fish oil.
  • Concentrated plant extracts like green tea extract, curcumin, lycopene and lutein, which are polyphenols and carotenoids. That’s because the health benefits of fruits and vegetables are due – not just to their vitamin and mineral content – but to other important natural compounds including polyphenols and carotenoids.
  • 800 IUs of vitamin D3 – the sunshine vitamin – for its role in immune function and strong bones.
  • CoQ10 and betaine for their role in heart health.
  • Glucosamine and vitamin K2 for their role in joint health.

In all Nutrishield supplies 43 high quality nutrients.It’s a daily baseline of highly concentrated nutrition. It aims to help you reproduce the level and range of nutrients found in the diets of the world’s healthiest people.

Read the whole book
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Nutrishield is designed by Dr Paul Clayton who has spent 35 years researching nutrition and the diets of the world’s healthiest, longest lived people. It is these findings, published in the best-selling book calledHealth Defence,on which Nutrishield is based.

So whilst a well-balanced diet is always your first priority, Nutrishield will supplement that with a range of extra, research-proven, protective nutrients.

There are two age-appropriate versions of Nutrishield – for under and over 50.

Dr Paul Clayton

former president of the Forum
on Food and Health at the
Royal Society of Medicine


Nutrishield Essentials gives you THREE highly concentrated supplements for health, energy and vitality.Helping put back what the stress of today’s life takes out.


As you get older you tend to absorb less nutrition from food and your body’s need for protective nutrients increases. So Nutrishield Premium adds THREE EXTRA high potency supplements. In total you get 6 supplements a day in a convenient day pack.

Optimum levels of Vitamins and Minerals


Our full A-Z spectrum capsule includes OPTIMUM levels of the 23 vitamins and minerals that are vital for health.

See why this is important to you

Omega 3 Fish Oil


We are advised to eat 2-3 portions of oily fish a week. This capsule supplies those heart healthy fish oils.

See why this is important to you

Fruit and Vegetable Polyphenols


Concentrated extracts of curcumin, green tea, grapeseed and bilberry that help you towards ‘5-a-day’ nutritional levels and more.

See why this is important to you

Carotenoids and Extra Vitamin E


This capsule contains lutein, lycopene, beta carotene and zeaxanthin plus all 4 forms of natural vitamin E.

See why this is important to you

Betaine and Isoflavones


Betaine is an amino-acid that can help maintain heart health. Soy isoflavones are linked to exceptional Japanese longevity.

See why this is important to you

Cp-Q10 and Glucosamine


Co-Q10 is vital in the creation of energy in the mitochondrial cells, but declines with age. Glucosamine is needed for joint health.

See why this is important to you

Why Nutritional Needs Increase With Age

The average person is living longer – but not healthier for longer. In fact official data shows the average person will live their last decade or more with some level of health disability and dependency. It doesn’t have to be like that.

You make over 50 billion replacement cells – every day!  Each cell needs high quality nutrition, otherwise errors can creep in and multiply.Errors that are at the heart of ageing and ‘age related’ diseases.

So biological ageing is not simply due to the passing of the years, but to the fact that inflammation builds up in body tissues, DNA and mitochondria are damaged by free radical action, cell regeneration is less efficient, and the immune system becomes less effective.

The secret to staying healthy, living longer and ageing more slowly is to reduce, limit or even prevent these threats.

That’s why we include such an extensive range of protective nutrients. So NutriShield Premium is a heart, brain, skin, joint and eye supplement all in one.

You can see evidence of Nutrishield’s effectiveness under independent tests here.

The 7 discoveries that can enable you to live healthier, longer.

We have summarised the latest research
on slowing ageing and staying healthy in
14 slides called The Pillars of Health.
Click here or on the picture.

What would you have to eat to get all the nutrients in NutriShield?

NutriShield’s unique combination of nutrients has proven anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant effects – and ingredients that are needed to build health cells.

But to get this combination of nutrients, day after day from food alone, and in amounts that make a genuine difference, is really difficult – even for the most health-conscious person.

To see just how difficult, click here or on the picture.It shows what you would need to eat on a daily basis to get the range and levels of nutrientsin wach day-pack of NutriShield.



We live with more stress, often more rushed meals, growing levels of city air pollution and the lower nutritional content of some everyday foods.

At the same time our lifestyle has become more sedentary.That means the average person is consuming significantly fewer calories than even a few decades ago. Less food means less nutrition.

The extra demands of modern-day life call for a supplement with far more protective nutrients than a simple one-a-day pill can give you.

The nutrients in Nutrishield are scientifically proven to support the HEART (EPA and DHA in Omega 3), BRAIN (DHA), SKIN (zinc), VISION (vitamin B2 and lutein) and ENERGY (magnesium, B vitamins).


When you choose Nutrishield, you have the security of knowing that all the nutrients are correctly balanced,at optimised levels,by Dr Paul Clayton – to have the maximum health benefit.

Moreover, instead of having to buy multiple bottles of supplements, everything you need is in one convenient pack.

Finally we are discovering that certain nutrients, like betaine, lycopene, vitamin D2 and curcumin are involved in switching on‘good’ genes on and switching off genes that can have a damaging effect.

Dr Clayton includes them too. We believe it’s the UK’s most comprehensive health supplement.

Risk free trial

We have been in business for over 30 years but this may be the first time you
have dealt with us.

If, for any reason whatsoever, NutriShield does not live up to your fullest expectations, simply call or email us, and we will give you an immediate, courteous and full refund, including postage.

You need not even return any unused product.


Full health is a whole lifestyle issue.

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“Has had a dramatic difference on my health and well being.” Stockbroker aged 41-50

“Nutrishield is an excellent product which keeps me healthy and prevents diseases associated with old age.” Retired Teacher aged 71-80

“I trust this product and feel sure that it is positive contribution to my general health. I also have complete trust in Dr Paul Clayton.” Retired Psychotherapist aged 71-80

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