As oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are deeply implicated in driving the degenerative diseases, reducing these damaging processes is highly desirable.

    Proven against inflammation

    NutriShield has been independently tested to pharmaceutical standards at VivaCell Biotechnology GmbH in Germany.

    In his summary, Dr Bernd L Fiebich stated: “Our data clearly provide evidence that NutriShield is a potent anti-inflammatory nutraceutical, as it eliminated the four key inflammatory marker cytokines.”


    Cells are severely inflamed as indicated by six key inflammatory biomarkers


    The key inflammatory biomarkers are eliminated and the prostaglandin markers are
    reduced to normal

    Effective against free radicals (oxidation)

    Pic_ORAC_NutriThe US Government’s Human Nutrition Research Center on Ageing at Tufts University has developed a test that measures the anti-oxidant capacity of foods and supplements to act against free radicals — highly reactive substances that form in the body and can cause oxidative damage to body cells. The unit of measurement is an ORAC (= Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity).

    A daily intake of NutriShield was rated by the independent Brunswick Laboratories at 4,845 ORAC units!


    Five servings of fruit and vegetables a day provides around 1,400 ORAC units, but only a minority of people achieve even that.

    NutriShield was 16 times more effective than the best A-Z brand.


    The nutritional supplement
    based on health science

    Read a brief summary of the report, with explanatory notes HERE.

    For medical practitioners, the full report in pdf form can be accessed from HERE.