Customer reviews

Our customers are loyal for a reason. Many have been with us for 5, 7, 10 years and more. These are their freely offered comments taken from a survey.

✱ Disclaimer: These are individual views expressed by the contributors and not by Uni-Vite Healthcare. Opinions and results may vary from person to person.

“Has had a dramatic difference on my health and well-being.”✱
Stockbroker aged 41-50

“As now approaching 90, my ageing process appears very favourable compared with contemporaries – even those less aged.”✱
Retired Building Surveyor aged 89

“Definitely improved general health alongside dietary improvements. Very convenient packets and great value for money.”✱
HR Consultant aged 51-60

“Generally hopeful that the risk of degenerative diseases is reduced. At 69 things seem to be working well and better than some much younger people. I get fewer common ailments than my kids!”✱
Retired Energy Consultant aged 61-70

“I have less colds and illness. My hair has doubled in thickness.”✱
Model aged 21-30

“Total wellbeing has increased.”✱
Retired Investment Banker aged 61-70

“I am aware of an improvement in my general health, fitness and how I feel when I take the supplements. I notice the difference when I don’t take them.”✱
Designer aged 31-40

“People compliment me on my energy and looks.”✱
Retired Chief Scientific Officer (medical) aged 61-70

“I am very thankful at 85 years old to be healthy and a very active gardener.”✱
Retired Builder aged 85

“An easy way to make sure I’m doing the best I can for my health.”✱
Finance Director aged 41-50

“I work in a very stressful job and feel that I show fewer signs of ageing than colleagues of the same age.”✱
GP aged 51-60

“Convenient. I also like regular newsletters/updates.”✱
Solicitor aged 51-60

“Though many things have not changed I think NutriShield has helped stop or slow down degeneration compared to friends etc.”✱
Retired aged 71-80

“Better resistance to colds, flu etc.”✱
Businessman aged 51-60

“I feel I have so much more energy.”✱
Property Developer aged 51-60

“Taken over 10 years has worked well for me, giving me confidence and attracting compliments by several members of medical profession!”✱
Retired Secondary School Teacher aged 71-80

“Quick and easy to administer and take. I’ve recommended it to many people. I am a qualified nutritionist (Dip ION) and think NutriShield is a very good product.”✱
Nutritionist aged 51-60

Retired Head Teacher aged 61-70

“Beneficial. As I do not take any pharmaceutical drugs I rely on a good diet topped up by your vitamin supplements.”✱
Retired Accountant aged over 80

“I was sceptical at first but now I feel as though it is starting to make a difference to my health (after 4-5 months).”✱
Data Processor aged 51-60

“I don’t feel my age.”✱
Retired Engineer aged 71-80

“Have taken it for so long could not imagine my life without it. I definitely feel I do not catch coughs and colds like the rest of the family and almost always have lots of energy. People tell me I look young for 55!”✱
Wages Clerk aged 51-60

“Excellent, it is easy to get, well formulated with credible scientific backup and very effective.”✱
Retired Designer

“Easy and trouble-free and knowing it is all worked out correctly. Couldn’t do this myself. We take NutriShield to stay healthy and not be going to the doctor’s and taking drugs. I am 65 and my husband is 77 and neither of us take any prescription drugs.”✱
Retired Garden Centre Proprietor aged 65

“Recommended by complementary practitioner and medical doctor. I feel overall health much improved.”✱
Retired Designer aged 71-80

“Very convenient and affordable. Very assured by the scientific background.”✱
Structural Engineer aged 51-60

“A trusted daily vitamin packet that is easy to take.”✱
Retired Managing Director aged 71-80

“I feel confident that I am taking a range of nutrients in a considered manner, and one does not outweigh or interfere with another.”✱
Arts Administrator aged 41-50

“Would not want to be without it!”✱
Retired Manager aged 61-70

“Convenient way of taking full range of vitamins & minerals.✱
Retired Teacher aged 61-70

“Satisfying. My husband and I take NutriShield Premium every other day. We eat a ‘balanced’ ‘colourful’ diet and try to make healthy choices with what we eat.”✱
Retired aged 61-70

“It’s my investment in continuing good health. I see it as a baseline. I recommend it to my patients.”✱
University Research Officer/Acupuncture Practitioner aged 61-70

“By taking NutriShield, I feel I am doing all I can to keep well and feel and look young.”✱
Retired Admin Assistant, Social Services aged 61-70

“I feel as though I am giving myself the best opportunity to live a healthy life.”✱
Retired Teacher aged 61-70

“I would recommend it 100%. My GP is very impressed. I am 70 years old and take no prescription medicines. I look easily 10+ years younger. I feel fit and I exercise.”✱
Retired teacher aged 61-70

“Easy to take as part of my breakfast and supper routine.”✱
Retired Pharmacist aged 61-70

“NutriShield is an excellent product which keeps me healthy and prevents diseases associated with old age.”✱
Retired Teacher aged 71-80

“Very happy, have recommended to others.”✱
Board Trustee/Chair of various not-for-profits aged 61-70

“Very positive contribution to my health.”✱

“I have degrees in Physics and Chemistry, a PhD and Chartered Accountant qualifications. During my period in Senior Management at ICI, I latched on to the concept that prevention was better than cure and developed a strong interest in nutritional pharmacology.”✱
Retired Research & Technical Development Manager in Chemical Industry aged over 80

“Very easy to take and I know I have everything I think I need in one small packet, without the stress of searching shops for same.”✱
Retired Seamstress aged 61-70

“I’ve been taking NS for several years and I’m in good health.”✱
Retired Swimming instructor aged 51-60


“Extremely positive. I have lots of energy and stamina, even at 70! To be fair it isn’t all attributable to NutriShield – I exercise and eat sensibly too.”✱
Semi-retired Teacher aged 61-70

“Very positive. It makes sense to cover all nutritional and immune-enhancing bases.”✱
Retired Veterinary Surgeon aged 71-80

“Convenient and comprehensive; apparently well researched and produced. Means of maximising natural health.”✱
Retired Insurance Broker aged 61-70

“Absolutely convinced of Paul Clayton’s logic. His evaluation HEALTH DEFENCE encapsulated everything I had believed in all my working life. Free copies of that Introduction would be your most effective advertising!”✱
Retired Veterinary Surgeon/Farmer aged 61-70

“So far I continue to generally feel fit and active, whilst some of my contemporaries are experiencing many and varied problems.”✱
Retired Librarian

“Contributed to ability to train quite hard and maintain fairly high level of fitness for my age.”✱
Retired Air Conditioning Engineer aged 61-70

“Very easy and very positive.”✱
Retired Teacher aged 61-70

“Your formulation always seems ahead of its time – the turmeric, B12 ‘media’ hype of recent months you had already added into your formulation ages ago. Very well done and keep up the good work.”✱
Retired Export Director aged 61-70

“Excellent combination of nutrients. Very convenient.”✱
Retired Technical Manager aged 61-70

“I wouldn’t be without it – comes before most other luxuries!”✱
Retired Relate Counsellor

“A health insurance – peace of mind.”✱
Head Teacher aged 61-70

“I am extremely fit and still do well in running races and circuit training in spite of my age.”✱
Retired Chartered Accountant aged 65

“I feel fitter and more well-equipped to work and get through the day. Also if food intake low on occasions, the supplement provides essentials.”✱
Independent Financial Advisor aged 61-70

“Excellent, have not been ill – not even a cold.”✱
Retired Agricultural Researcher aged 61-70

“Easy to use, convenient and I find the backing of Dr Clayton reassuring.”✱
Retired Dental Nurse aged 61-70

“When I resume taking NutriShield after having lapsed for a few days, I feel immediately better, more energetic.”✱
Retired Secondary School Teacher aged 71-80

“At 65 I’m told I do not look my age so I must attribute this to taking good supplements.”✱
Finance Manager aged 65

“Convenient and easy to take.”✱
Retired Proof-Reader aged 61-70

“NutriShield Premium has the most comprehensive number of constituents in comparison with any similar products I know of. It also keeps its customers well informed and the quarterly newsletter is interesting and informative. Administration seems to be first class. I have no difficulty in taking the caplets/capsules.”✱
Retired Police Officer aged 71-80

“I have experienced 10 years of excellent health with only minor instances of colds.”✱
Retired Design Engineer aged 71-80

“As I generally feel quite well, I would be frightened to stop taking it. The customer service has always been excellent.”✱
Business Support Officer aged 51-60

“Good. But come back in 40 years and I’ll give you a more accurate assessment!”✱
Company Director aged 51-60

“I trust this product and feel sure that it is a positive contribution to my general health. I also have complete trust in Dr Paul Clayton.”✱
Retired Psychotherapist aged 71-80

“It helps me to top up the nutrients we do not obtain from food.”✱
Retired Solicitor aged 71-80

“Easy to take and travel with. I like the fact that all the tablets and capsules are easy to swallow.”✱
Retired Parish Priest aged 71-80

“I feel by taking such a comprehensive range of essential vits etc I am doing all I can to help my diabetic condition and to delay its side effects.”✱
Retired Head Teacher aged 71-80

“Very positive about benefits.”✱
Retired Security Officer aged 71-80

“I like the idea that ‘keeping up to date with research’ is taken care of for me. I do read extensively around the subject and one can get enthusiastic about something, but now I wait for it to be included in NutriShield.”✱
Retired Dentist

“Instead of choosing various products for various reasons, it’s good to be able to rely on a single product.”✱
Retired Tutor & Translator aged 71-80

“Feel ‘safer’ healthwise especially after vascular stroke.”✱
Retired Wildlife Ecologist aged 71-80

“Good, I feel I am getting nutrients which I couldn’t get from my normal diet although this is good.”✱
Retired Local Government Officer aged 71-80

“Positive and reassuring.”✱
Retired Orthodontist aged 71-80

“I enjoy the convenience of it but have been taking it only a short time (less than 6 months) so maybe too early to notice significant changes, A friend recommended them to me after stating how much they had had and how impressed they were by the scientific backup.”✱
Registrar of Marriages, Births & Deaths aged 61-70

“I feel confident that I am doing the best I can to maintain my good health.”✱
Retired Teacher & Magistrate aged 71-80

“My life has changed for the better in general.”✱
Retired P.A. aged 71-80

Retired Head of Art College aged 71-80

“Peace of mind from getting a range of vitamins etc.”✱
aged 71-80

“Improved mental state. I feel reassured that I am doing what can to protect my health.”✱
Retired aged 71-80

“A habit which I feel adds to my feeling of well being.”✱
Retired Pharmacist aged over 80

“Good. A necessary addition at my age.”✱
Retired Electrical Engineer aged 81

“I have taken it since the age of 70. Now 82, I’m told I look younger than that.”✱
Retired Teacher/Lecturer aged 82

“I feel confident that they are improving my general health – the fact that the nutrients are combining well together to contribute to my healthy well-being.”✱
Retired Nurse aged over 80

“Reassuring and satisfactory.”✱
Retired Systems Programmer aged 61-70

“I was taking nutritional supplements before but now it is much easier to take the right amount and not worry about possible overdosing.”✱
Retired Teacher aged over 80

“Very good.”✱
Retired Medical Practitioner aged over 80

“Helps immune system.”✱
Retired aged over 80

“Very good, as I could never get the expertise of which nutrients to take, so thank you for all your research and effort.”✱
Retired Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist aged over 80

“I am fit and active at 83.”✱
Retired Pastry-Chef aged 83

“I aim to live to 130 so you had better stay in business!”✱
Retired Clerical Officer National Savings Bank

“I take NutriShield to slow down ageing and for the protection it affords.”✱
Retired Banker

“General overall improvement in health and outlook.”✱
Retired Accounts Clerk

“Although I have a healthy diet, taking NutriShield gives me the reassurance that I am getting vital nutrients I need to keep me healthy and slow down ageing.”✱
Part-time Cleaner

“Can’t remember the last time I had a cold or went to the doctor due to illness.”✱
Operations Director

✱ Disclaimer: These are individual views expressed by the contributors and not by Uni-Vite Healthcare. Opinions and results may vary from person to person.