You need to be proactive to slow ageing

As we age, cell damage increases while protective function declines From the age of about 50, most people experience a decline in immune function, DNA repair ability, cellular energy and the hormones testosterone and oestrogen over time. As all these decline, cell damage increases in parallel. If we superimpose the rise of diseases like cardiovascular … Read more

Stand and deliver – better health

Sitting too long can damage your health Prolonged sitting can increase inflammation and your risk of cardiovascular disease. It slows down your body’s metabolism and raises the threat of obesity. That, in turn, elevates your risk of type 2 diabetes, dementia and cancer. With so many of us having sedentary jobs and working or playing on laptops, tablets … Read more

Milk – good while you are growing, but not in later life

New research recommends switching to plant milks from your 20s You may be old enough to remember the “Milk’s gotta lotta bottle” campaign in the 1980s. And it’s true that cow’s milk contains protein and calcium for teeth and bones. [In many countries it is fortified with vitamin D, but not in the UK.] BUT … Read more

Why you should be a mitochondriac

Look after your mitochondria for higher energy Energy powers every function in your body – and that energy is generated in your trillions of mitochondria. So supporting mitochondrial health is central to keeping healthy overall – and in combating the decline in cellular energy that becomes an issue by your early 50s. Because it is … Read more

Mushrooms – a health SUPERfood?

‘Medicinal Mushrooms’ Mushrooms have been an important source of drugs for decades. About 80 years ago, Alexander Fleming discovered penicillin, the powerful group of antibiotics derived from the fungus Penicillium. Today, a group of so-called ‘Medicinal Mushrooms’ are gaining a wide interest – due to the increased publication of clinical trials. The Medicinal Mushroom group … Read more