Stand and deliver – better health

Sitting too long can damage your health Prolonged sitting can increase inflammation and your risk of cardiovascular disease. It slows down your body’s metabolism and raises the threat of obesity. That, in turn, elevates your risk of type 2 diabetes, dementia and cancer. With so many of us having sedentary jobs and working or playing on laptops, tablets … Read more

Betaine – the essential heart health nutrient


Definitive guide to benefits of betaine   DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO BETAINE AT A GLANCE ♦ BETAINE can help cut the risk of heart attacks ♦ BETAINE can reduce the risk of cancer – especially when combined with optimum B complex vitamins ♦ BETAINE can improve digestion ♦ BETAINE can help reduce anxiety Chances are you … Read more

Avoiding sarcopenia can prolong your life

Avoiding sarcopenia can help you draw your pension for 30 years Who doesn’t want to enjoy their retirement to the full? Savouring the fact of having “outsmarted” the pension provider by living healthier and longer than the actuarial tables predicted. To do that, you need to avoid sarcopenia. Sarcopenia is loss of lean muscle mass … Read more

Secrets of the Olympic Diet

The US Olympic Team Diet Carbohydrates are a major part of any Olympic athlete’s diet, making up 55 to 65 percent of their food. Because that’s what gives them access to the immediate energy they need. Dietitians who work with the US Olympic team have created a simple plate system. On easy training days, athletes … Read more

Positive health effects from even short periods of activity

Here’s the least amount of activity – 2 minutes –  for the biggest health effect. You’ve probably seen the latest headlines – ‘Sitting is the new smoking’. It’s true – sitting really does have a negative effect on your health, as does inactivity generally. But here’s the good news for those of us whose jobs involve … Read more