Time for Vitamin D as the days get shorter

NHS recommends winter D supplements Vitamin D is important for health all year round, but especially in the winter when there is less sunlight and we don’t go out as much. The NHS recommends it for all adults and children over 4 years old. “During the autumn and winter, you need to get vitamin D … Read more

Probiotics confirmed for positive health impacts

What we know for sure About 12 months ago I reviewed the state of probiotic research in this article (published on our sister site uni-vite.com/microbiotic): Best probiotic strains for a healthy gut – Microbiotic Plus Probiotics (uni-vite.com). I do recommend you read it – because there is no doubt that the health of your microbiome … Read more

Top Blue Zone longevity foods are beans

Beans are great healthy foods – and economical Blue Zone residents are people who live in a very specific areas of the world with a far higher proportion of hundred-year-olds than you would expect.  Zones include parts of the Mediterranean, Costa Rica and Okinawa, Japan. The stand-out common denominator in their diet is legumes – … Read more

The simple food with a BIG impact on your health

baked beans

The simple food with a BIG impact on your health You can’t have failed to notice more and more news about your microbiome – the range of microbes in your gut that number in the trillions! That’s because these bacteria have such a strong influence on your health. They help break down what you eat … Read more