Much More Than an A-Z

    Much more than an A-Z multi-vitamin

    Your body makes millions of new cells every day. But during that process, damage inevitably and gradually accumulates.

    As a result, you become more susceptible to the visible effects of ageing on the OUTside and the invisible effects of age-related disease on the INside.

    Both types of damage are now thought to be largely driven by the combination of inflammation and oxidation (free radical damage) inside arteries, veins and cells.

    “Inflammation is an underlying contributor to virtually every chronic disease.”

    –Scientific American 2009

    High quality nutrition counteracts free radical damage AND inflammation

    The continued creation of healthy cells is highly dependent on the supply of a full range of high-quality bio-available nutrients, including powerful anti-oxidants (to counter excess free radical damage), and anti-inflammatories.

    “Low-grade inflammation is associated with everything from heart disease and diabetes to Alzheimer’s and arthritis, and may even be the cause of most chronic diseases.”

    –University of California Berkeley, School of Public Health, 2010

    NutriShield is unique in being formulated by a world-class health scientist to include not just the more well-known vitamins and minerals, but critically, potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory nutrients too.

    “A daily A-Z pill will ensure you have a very basic level of essential vitamins and minerals, but it will do little to reduce chronic inflammation on its own, which is why scientific studies on these simple supplements generally show little or no reduction in age-related disease.”

    –Dr Paul Clayton

    No other supplement is as comprehensive as NutriShield, with such clear proof of effectiveness, yet affordable.


    The nutritional supplement
    based on health science

    No other supplement is so comprehensive


    No other supplement has such clear proof of effectiveness



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