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See our latest articles on nutrition and health below or check out archived categories by using the menu above. Our main article authors are Dr Paul Clayton and Colin Rose BSc.

The Library NutriShield Multi Vitamins and MineralsDr Paul Clayton is a former President of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine. He is Fellow of the Institute of Food, Brain & Behaviour (Oxford) and Visiting Professor at the University of Pecs (Hungary).

The Library NutriShield Multi Vitamins and MineralsColin Rose is a Fellow of The Royal Society of Arts and a Senior Associate Member of the Royal Society of Medicine. Colin is also an educational advisor and a main contributor to EduScience, an EU programme to enhance the teaching and learning of science in schools. Go straight to Colin’s blog here.

8 reasons why chia seeds should be on your shopping list

Chia seeds are a nutrient-dense superfood ‘Chia’ means strength in the Mayan language, and in Mexico – where they originally come from – they were once even used as currency. They are the dried seeds of the Salvia hispanica plant. Chia seeds are high in fibre, very ‘nutrient dense’ and can give you a low-calorie […]

Should you take Vit K if you supplement with Vit D?

It’s safe to take 2,000 IU of D3 with or without K Many positive reasons to take D3 We strongly recommend taking an extra vitamin D3 supplement in the winter months – because an estimated 85% of us are well below the optimum blood levels of vitamin D. Extra vitamin D3 (which is twice as […]

Symptoms and risks for Vitamin D deficiency

Are you deficient in Vitamin D? Vitamin D deficiency is now a problem on a vast scale. Which is why Public Health England recommends that everyone should take a vitamin D supplement in the winter months. People nowadays simply do not get enough sun exposure to achieve an optimum level of vitamin D. Not only […]

The secrets of happiness

Why a bronze medal makes you happier than a silver Who doesn’t want to be happier? Yet how much time do you devote to what makes you really happy? I write on the science of staying well – and the following 6 ways to become happier are based, not just on centuries of wisdom, but […]

Avoid vision loss after 50

Clinical trials support use of food supplements To realise that you are beginning to lose your sight is a truly frightening experience. A condition called macular degeneration is the leading cause of loss of vision. And because it occurs most often after the age of 60, it’s usually referred to as Age-related Macular Degeneration – […]

The healthiest fats and oils

Coconut oil? Olive oil? Avocado oil? Butter? What’s the healthiest? Here’s the skinny on healthy fats. With such a range of oils and fats in the stores and conflicting advice – often from biased sources – choosing the healthiest is not easy. The 3 main criteria for healthy oil or fat choice are: The ratio […]

5 Ways to Live Healthily to 100

Because few people – perhaps only 1 in 10,000 – actually die of ‘old age’ For most, what are (wrongly) called ‘age-related diseases’ will rob them of a full quality of life, years before their time. Illnesses like heart disease, stroke, cancer, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. In his bestselling book Health Defence, Dr Paul Clayton (a […]

Make a good diet into a GREAT diet

The big difference between adequate and optimum nutrition Most of the food we eat will adequately support life. But it does not necessarily sustain ideal health. Witness the fact that UK national statistics show the average person will live the last 10 years of their life in ill health and some level of dependency. We […]

Beat air pollution with food

Big city air pollution is a killer, so defend yourself If you work in a city, you don’t need to be told that air pollution is bad for your eyes – but it is also one of the world’s biggest killers. Air pollution causes more than 5 million premature deaths a year worldwide, an estimated 40,000 […]

7 food choices to add years of healthy life

Healthier longer with better dietary choices We are living longer – but we are NOT living healthier longer. In fact, the average person will live their last 12 years in poor health and at some level of disability and dependency (UK Office of National Statistics). [See see data here.] Who wouldn’t want to avoid that? […]

Nitrate-rich foods reduce blood pressure

Why NO is a big YES NO – Nitric Oxide – is a vital chemical messenger which relaxes otherwise constricted and stiff blood vessels, increasing both oxygen and blood flow. So it’s vital for reducing blood pressure and therefore heart health. Improved blood and oxygen flow is also critical for better brain function as the […]

Top 7 anti-inflammatory foods

Nutrients which reduce chronic inflammation The biggest single risk to your long term health is what’s called ‘chronic sub-clinical inflammation’. It’s a continuous, damaging level of inflammation of body tissues that tends to build up as we age, but is normally not noticeable. So it’s an insidious, but major threat. How major? VERY major! “Inflammation […]

Prevent and repair DNA mistakes that lead to cancer

Cancer is the result of DNA mutations These mutations (mistakes) initiate cancer because even a tiny error in DNA can make cells multiply out of control. When a cell divides, it copies its DNA, so that each new cell has its own version of your genetic material. But each time this copying occurs, it creates […]

10 a day fruit and veg – the realistic answer

10-a-day? Here is a more realistic answer If you are at all health conscious, you already knew that eating fruits and vegetables reduced the risk of disease. And that 5 a day was the official target. Now researchers at from Imperial College London have conducted a meta-survey – a summary of 95 existing studies involving […]

Autism linked to vitamin D deficiency

Autism* linked to Vitamin D deficiency *and other brain development issues 30 years ago the rate of autism was no more than 1 child in 2,500. Today it is 1 in 100 according to the UK National Autistic Society. It may even be as high as 1 in 68 in the USA, according to the […]

A natural way to help SAD

SAD Seasonal Affective Disorder I’m looking out of the window and it’s a grey, cold, overcast day. Just the sort of day that encourages Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. SAD is associated with a lack of energy and depression. In some 8% of people it’s serious enough to need treatment, but in some degree it […]

10 ways to lower blood pressure naturally to meet new guidelines

Reduce high blood pressure (hypertension) to reduce disease risk New guidelines on systolic blood pressure targets have just (Jan 2017) been issued for people aged 60 years and older with hypertension. The following 10 point plan will not only lower your blood pressure and help you meet the guidelines, but the exact same plan will […]

I eat healthily – why do I need a supplement?

Why you need a supplement even if you eat healthily The short answer is that there is a big difference between adequate nutrition and optimum nutrition. Most of the food we eat will adequately support life.  But it does not necessarily sustain ideal health. Witness the latest alarming data (2015) from the UK’s Office for […]

Supplement labels – let the buyer beware!

Read labels carefully I’ve got two top-selling “daily” multi-nutrient nutritional supplements in front of me. BRAND A One announces: ‘Lutein helps maintain healthy eyes’. That’s true, it does. And it’s a “health claim” permitted to be reproduced on a food label. But when I check the level, it says: Lutein: 250 µg Now µg stands […]

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