NutriShield and health

The nutritional supplement with
clear evidence of success

Proven against inflammation

NutriShield has been independently tested to pharmaceutical standards at VivaCell Biotechnology GmbH in Germany.

In his summary, Dr Bernd L. Fiebich stated: “Our data clearly provide evidence that NutriShield is a potent anti-inflammatory nutraceutical.”

Current medical opinion holds that oxidative stress and chronic inflammation are deeply implicated in driving the degenerative diseases, and reducing these damaging processes is highly desirable.



Cells are severely inflamed as indicated by
four key inflammatory biomarkers
and two prostaglandin markers

NutriShield and health NutriShield Multi Vitamins and Minerals


The key inflammatory biomarkers are eliminated
and the prostaglandin markers are
reduced to a normal level

NutriShield and health NutriShield Multi Vitamins and Minerals

Read a brief summary of the report, with explanatory notes HERE.

For medical practitioners, the full report in pdf form can be accessed from HERE.

NutriShield and health NutriShield Multi Vitamins and Minerals

Thousands of happy users

“Has had a dramatic difference on my health and well-being.”
Stockbroker aged 41-50

“As now approaching 90, my ageing process appears very favourable compared with contemporaries – even those less aged.”
Retired Building Surveyor aged 89

“Definitely improved general health alongside dietary improvements. Very convenient packets and great value for money.”
HR Consultant aged 51-60

“Generally hopeful that the risk of degenerative diseases is reduced. At 69 things seem to be working well and better than some much younger people. I get fewer common ailments than my kids!”
Retired Energy Consultant aged 61-70

“I have less colds and illness. My hair has doubled in thickness.”
Model aged 41-50

“Total wellbeing has increased.”
Retired Investment Banker aged 61-70

“I am aware of an improvement in my general health, fitness and how I feel when I take the supplements. I notice the difference when I don’t take them.”
Designer aged 41-50

“People compliment me on my energy and looks.”
Retired Chief Scientific Officer (medical) aged 61-70

“I am very thankful at 85 years old to be healthy and a very active gardener.”
Retired Builder aged 85

“I feel confident that they are improving my general health – the fact that the nutrients are combining well together to contribute to my healthy well-being.”
Retired Nurse aged over 80

“Reassuring and satisfactory.”
Retired Systems Programmer aged 61-70

“I was taking nutritional supplements before but now it is much easier to take the right amount and not worry about possible overdosing.”
Retired Teacher aged over 80

“Very good.”
Retired Medical Practitioner aged over 80

“Helps immune system.”
Retired aged over 80

“Very good, as I could never get the expertise of which nutrients to take, so thank you for all your research and effort.”
Retired Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist aged over 80

“I am fit and active at 83.”
Retired Pastry-Chef aged 83

“I take NutriShield to slow down ageing and for the protection it affords.”
Retired Banker

“General overall improvement in health and outlook.”
Retired Accounts Clerk

“Can’t remember the last time I had a cold or went to the doctor due to illness.”
Operations Director

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