Customer reviews

NutriShield customers are loyal for a reason. Many have been with us for 5, 7, 10 years and more. These are their freely offered comments taken from a recent survey. They are individual views expressed by the contributors and not by Uni-Vite Healthcare. Opinions and results may vary from person to person.

“Has had a dramatic difference on my health and well-being.”
Stockbroker aged 41-50

“Definitely improved general health alongside dietary improvements. Very convenient and great value for money.”
HR Consultant

“I have less colds and illness. My hair has doubled in thickness.”
Model aged 21-30

“I am aware of an improvement in my general health, fitness and how I feel when I take the supplements. I notice the difference when I don’t take them.”
Designer aged 31-40

“An easy way to make sure I’m doing the best I can for my health.”
Finance Director aged 41-50

“I work in a very stressful job and feel that I show fewer signs of ageing than colleagues of the same age.”

“Convenient. I also like regular newsletters/updates.”

“Better resistance to colds, flu etc.”

“I feel I have so much more energy.”
Property Developer

“Quick and easy to administer and take. I’ve recommended it to many people. I am a qualified nutritionist (Dip ION) and think NutriShield is a very good product.”
Nutritionist aged 41-50

“I was sceptical at first but now I feel as though it is starting to make a difference to my health (after 4-5 months).”
Data Processor

“Have taken it for so long could not imagine my life without it. I definitely feel I do not catch coughs and colds like the rest of the family and almost always have lots of energy. People tell me I look young for 55!”
Wages Clerk aged 55

“Excellent, it is easy to get, well formulated with credible scientific backup and very effective.”

“Very convenient and affordable. Very assured by the scientific background.”
Structural Engineer

“I feel confident that I am taking a range of nutrients in a considered manner, and one does not outweigh or interfere with another.”
Arts Administrator aged 41-50

“Would not want to be without it!”

“Convenient way of taking full range of vitamins & minerals.

“It’s my investment in continuing good health. I see it as a baseline. I recommend it to my patients.”
University Research Officer/Acupuncture Practitioner

“I feel as though I am giving myself the best opportunity to live a healthy life.”

“Easy to take as part of my breakfast and supper routine.”

“Very positive contribution to my health.”

“I’ve been taking NS for several years and I’m in good health.”
Swimming instructor

“Very positive. It makes sense to cover all nutritional and immune-enhancing bases.”
Veterinary Surgeon

“Convenient and comprehensive; apparently well researched and produced. Means of maximising natural health.”
Insurance Broker

“I feel fitter and more well-equipped to work and get through the day. Also if food intake low on occasions, the supplement provides essentials.”
Independent Financial Advisor

“Very easy and very positive.”

“Excellent combination of nutrients. Very convenient.”
Technical Manager

“I wouldn’t be without it – comes before most other luxuries!”
Relate Counsellor

“A health insurance – peace of mind.”
Head Teacher aged 41-50

“Contributes to ability to train quite hard and maintain fairly high level of fitness.”
Air Conditioning Engineer

“Excellent, have not been ill – not even a cold.”
Agricultural Researcher

“Easy to use, convenient and I find the backing of Dr Clayton reassuring.”
Dental Nurse

“When I resume taking NutriShield after having lapsed for a few days, I feel immediately better, more energetic.”
Secondary School Teacher

“Convenient and easy to take.”

“As I generally feel quite well, I would be frightened to stop taking it. The customer service has always been excellent.”
Business Support Officer

“I trust this product and feel sure that it is a positive contribution to my general health. I also have complete trust in Dr Paul Clayton.”

“It helps me to top up the nutrients we do not obtain from food.”

“Very positive about benefits.”
Security Officer

“Instead of choosing various products for various reasons, it’s good to be able to rely on a single product.”
Tutor & Translator

“Good, I feel I am getting nutrients which I couldn’t get from my normal diet although this is good.”
Local Government Officer

“Positive and reassuring.”

“Peace of mind from getting a range of vitamins etc.”

“Improved mental state. I feel reassured that I am doing what can to protect my health.”

“A habit which I feel adds to my feeling of well being.”

“I feel confident that they are improving my general health – the fact that the nutrients are combining well together to contribute to my healthy well-being.”

“Reassuring and satisfactory.”
Systems Programmer

“I was taking nutritional supplements before but now it is much easier to take the right amount and not worry about possible overdosing.”

“Very good.”
Medical Practitioner

“Helps immune system.”

“Very good, as I could never get the expertise of which nutrients to take, so thank you for all your research and effort.”
Physiotherapist & Acupuncturist

“General overall improvement in health and outlook.”
Accounts Clerk

“Although I have a healthy diet, taking NutriShield gives me the reassurance that I am getting vital nutrients I need to keep me healthy and slow down ageing.”
Part-time Cleaner

“Can’t remember the last time I had a cold or went to the doctor due to illness.”
Operations Director