This is what you would have to eat each day to get the concentrated nutrition in NutriShield Essentials!

NutriShield Essentials includes ALL these nutrients in each 3-a-day serving.

red berries tuna sunflower seeds spinach
2 portions berry fruits for vit C and
200g tuna for vits B1, B12, B6, D,
Omega 3
50g sunflower seeds for vit E, folic acid
100g spinach for vit A, folic acid, vit K, calcium
turmeric green tea lentils eggs
10g turmeric for curcuminoids 3 cups green
tea for
110g lentils for molybdenum 2 eggs for vit B2, vit B6, iodine, chromium
brazil nuts grapes wheat bran chicken liver
100g Brazil
nuts for selenium,
vit E, chromium
15 seeded grapes for procyanidins
130g wheat
bran for B vitamins, magnesium, copper
50g chicken liver for biotin, zinc, manganese, (iron)