This is what an ideal day’s food looks like!

This is the sort of daily food intake you would need to get the range of protective nutrients that we now know helps counteract ageing. And to create a long-term defence against the sort of illnesses we have come to associate with ageing.

NutriShield includes ALL these nutrients in each daypack.

red berries oily fish sunflower seeds prunes
2 portions berry fruits for vit C and
200g sardines for Omega 3,
vit D, vit B12, CoQ10
50g sunflower seeds for vit E, folic acid, polyphenols 100g prunes for lutein, vit K
tofu from soybeans green tea lentils eggs
120g tofu for soy isoflavones 3 cups green
tea for
catechin polyphenols
110g lentils for molybdenum 2 eggs for vit B2, vit B6, iodine
tomato juice grapes shrimps spinach
Large glass tomato juice

15 seeded grapes for grapeseed polyphenols 14 shell-on shrimps for glucosamine,
vit B12
100g spinach for folic acid, vit K, betaine, calcium
tuna wheat bran broccoli turmeric
200g tuna for vits B1, B12, B6, D,
Omega 3
130g wheat
bran for
B vitamins
150g broccoli for chromium, vit K, polyphenols 10g turmeric for curcuminoids
brazil nuts chicken liver sesame seeds carrots
100g Brazil
nuts for
vit E
50g chicken liver for biotin, zinc, iron, manganese 120g sesame seeds for magnesium, copper 100g carrots for vit A, beta carotene