How NutriShield Helps Support DNA

How NutriShield helps support the creation and protection of DNA NutriShield Multi Vitamins and Minerals

Your DNA is under daily attack from sources that include oxidative stress (free radical damage), environmental hazards like pollution, and carcinogens in the diet.

The degree to which DNA damage occurs—or can be averted—is a major factor in longevity.

Phyto-nutrients are a key to DNA protection. Plants can’t seek shade, water, or move when threats to their DNA occur. So they are naturally rich in DNA-protective compounds – and these compounds seem to work as well in our cells as they do in theirs.

Plant derived nutrients researched for their ability to defend human DNA include resveratrol from bilberry, grapes and grapeseed, ECGC from green tea, lycopene from tomatoes, lutein from spinach and sulforaphane from broccoli2. Research shows that these plant (phyto-) nutrients seem to wrap themselves around DNA to protect it.

DNA is also protected2 by vitamins and minerals that include vitamin C, E, zinc, manganese, and selenium.

Nicotinamide, zinc, iron, and magnesium help repair DNA.

And finally, nutrients that maintain DNA stability are folic acid and vitamin B123.

Many people are depleted in many of these nutrients. But no one nutrient is going to provide protection for DNA– it’s a combination.