Health Defence Cookbook



Portia Spooner

Former TV chef


Dr Paul Clayton

Medical Pharmacologist

Former President of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine

How to combine the most protective nutrients from the world’s healthiest diets into delicious recipes to slow ageing and achieve optimum health.

The HEALTH DEFENCE COOKBOOK is no ordinary cookbook!

Published in glorious full colour, this unique easy-to-follow guide to making your own healthy meals is available online for the first time.

Each original recipe was carefully created by Carlton TV chef Portia Spooner using the finest protective nutrients from the world’s healthiest diets – to provide meals which look good, taste good and do you good.

Dr Paul Clayton, author of HEALTH DEFENCE, provides a fascinating nutritional analysis of each recipe and assesses its health benefits.

“I don’t eat nutrition, I eat good food. This book beautifully explains how to achieve both objectives.” Maurice Hanssen, author of ‘E for Additives’

“There are health cookbooks and there are gourmet cookbooks, but rarely are there books with healthy recipes that can be described as both. Portia has managed to write such a book and she is the living exponent of her ideas.

It can be so depressing to start a new diet on Sunday night and then feel guilty on Monday having failed on several counts. Healthy eating is different – it is a gradual change of diet. By following the recipes in this book you will naturally improve your nutritional status and build your protective capacities.

The change in diet should be gradual and, if you feel like a truly rich chocolate cake – eat the cake, enjoy it and don’t feel guilty. The longer you follow the recipes in this book the less likely it is that you will want to eat unhealthily.

In other words eat what you like and let Portia change your eating habits effortlessly. You will notice how much better you feel. I do hope you enjoy cooking from this book.”

Caroline Waldegrave
Former Principal, Leith’s School of Food and Wine


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