Fastest way to 5-a-day?

Close up view of the splash martini on blueIs this it?

We all know we should eat 5 portions of fruits and vegetables a day, but most people don’t. Could this list be the answer?

1. An olive in a martini

2. The cherry on top of a fairy cake

3. A scoop of strawberry ice cream

4. A packet of tomatoflavoured crisps

5. A glass of apple cider

Job done!

But I’m just kidding!

The latest science is really clear – for long term health you need to eat an anti-inflammatory diet. Why? Because inflammation that builds up over years in your tissues is the main driving cause of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and it creates the body condition that encourages any incipient cancer to spread.

I’ve posted some serious advice on living an anti-inflammatory 5 a day lifestyle here:

But I’d also like to know your fun way to 5 a day?


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