Which part of your body should you protect?

It’s a rhetorical question. Surely you want to ensure the maximum health protection for your whole body as you get older?

Yet specialist individual nutritional supplements for the heart, skin, brain, eyes and joints are popular.


A supplement should support all body functions

We think a supplement should help support and protect every vital function, supporting not just a strong immune system, but the creation of healthy, normal cells, and therefore maintaining the health of all your body organs.

There are two central points we have discovered from the latest science:

Biological ageing itself – and the increased vulnerability to illness that is associated with getting older – is caused by accumulated damage at the cell level.

So if you can reduce – or even prevent – that damage, you not only slow ageing, you reduce the risk of developing disabling diseases like heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even cancer.


The causes of cell damage are now known – and they are a common threat to ALL the body systems. So counteracting these threats will help protect not just the heart, the brain, the eyes and the joints, but show up as healthier cells and even improved skin, hair and nails.

Specialist supplements are illogical

That’s why specialist nutritional supplements are – to us – illogical.

If the argument that a health supplement should offer all round support makes sense, we encourage you to view this short slideshow.

Whether you ever buy from us or not, it is a valuable free blueprint for healthy longevity from a respected health scientist. Just click on the picture.


7 Pillars Slideshow

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