Beta glucans and polyphenols fight allergies

Dr Paul Clayton’s Health Newsletter March 2014 Spring is not yet sprung … … but it’s coming, and so are the allergies, and so are new ‘solutions’ for those allergies. One of the latest is Allergease, a lozenge developed and launched by the American company Medicus Research. Allergease contains a hodge-podge of herbal ingredients including … Read more

Lutein and Vitamins C and E give relief

Dr Paul Clayton 2002 Chronic breathing difficulties make life hard for many, unbearable for those who are severely affected, and culminate in increasing disability and death. In fact decreased lung function predicts the risk of death; and here again, as in all the other degenerative diseases, drugs have little to offer. But supplements do … … Read more

Asthma: Barking up the Right Tree with Flavonoids

Dr Paul Clayton 2003 Asthma is characterised by a chronic inflammation of the airways. For this reason, much recent research has concentrated on finding anti-inflammatory agents which might be used to treat the condition. New drugs are in the pipeline, but there have been worrying reports of toxicity. So what can nature offer? The best … Read more

Asthma – Antioxidants reduce risk in children

Dr Paul Clayton 2004 Higher levels of the antioxidants beta-carotene and Vitamin C, along with the antioxidant trace mineral selenium, have been linked with a lower risk of asthma in a large study of 6000 American children under the age of 17, published in February 2004. The antioxidants showed even stronger protection against asthma in … Read more