Introduction to Health Defence

In his bestselling book Health Defence, Dr Paul Clayton (a previous President of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine) shows that biological ageing is not simply due to the passing of the years. Health Defence is now out of print, but you can read this specially prepared and updated … Read more

Fish oil alone doesn’t work – combine omega 3 with polyphenols

Dr Paul Clayton’s Health Newsletter Autumn 2015 Taking fish oil on its own as a magic-bullet single supplement just doesn’t work. Clinical trials have been generating terrible results lately. These include a clutch of major studies which looked at the cardio-protective effects of fish oil (JELLIS, GISSI-HF, ALPHA-OMEGA, OMEGA, SU.FO.OM, ORIGIN, CART), all of which … Read more

How many calories must a man wolf down?

Dr Paul Clayton’s Health Newsletter Spring 2015 The answer, my friend, may surprise you. According to the UK’s Advertising Standards Agency (ASA), it would be extremely difficult for consumers to devise a 600-calorie diet providing 100% of vitamin and mineral RDAs. What geniuses … … because the literature clearly shows that a minimum of 750 … Read more

Problems with emulsifiers?

Dr Paul Clayton’s Health Newsletter Spring 2015 A new paper in Nature (Chassaing et al ’15) has shown that when mice consume high doses of the emulsifiers commonly used in processed foods, they develop changes in their microbiome and go on to develop gut inflammation, metabolic syndrome, and weight gain. At first sight this seems … Read more

Vitamin D brain effects

Dr Paul Clayton’s Health Newsletter Spring 2015 Research by the legendary Bruce Ames has thrown up new links between maternal vitamin D, or the lack of it, and autism (Patrick & Ames ’15). Their work indicates that adequate levels of vitamin D may be required to produce neurotransmitters dopamine, oxytocin, vasopressin and especially serotonin in … Read more