Set a goal instead of a New Year’s Resolution

Set a goal instead of a New Year's Resolution NutriShield Multi Vitamins and Minerals

Almost half of the population makes New Year’s Resolutions

The 4 top resolutions – according to Statistica – are:

Save money (53%)
Get in shape (45%)
Eat healthier (31%)
Have more sex (25%)

But less than 30% of people stick to their resolution for more than 30 days. And just 8% accomplish them!

So here is a better way – a tried and tested method which will achieve at least 3 of those top 4 resolutions.  (It may even help you save money, too.)

  1. Set an explicit and realistic goal, not a resolution. Resolutions are mostly vague, goals are – or should be – specific and actionable.
  2. Break the goal down into steps.
  3. Check back weekly on your progress and adjust if needed.

Set this one specific goal – for measurably better health in 2019

The goal below is to follow a plan which combines advice from the best five sources I know of – sources that are based on solid, peer-reviewed, science.

They are:

  1. Harvard Health Newsletter
  2. University Health News
  3. Medical News Today
  4. Berkeley Wellness Newsletter
  5. and of course, my own collaborator, Dr Paul Clayton – who is the former Chair of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine

I believe it’s the best of the best health and nutrition advice.

Become a reducitarian, too

The plan does even more. By following it, you automatically become a ‘Reducitarian’.

A reducitarian is just a fancy title for someone who eats less meat and fish – and almost no processed meat. He or she eats more plant foods, like fruits, vegetables and pulses. It is the single most important change you can make for your health.

For health and environmental change

It is also one of the more important contributions you can make, as an individual, to counteracting global warming/heating.

Animal agriculture accounts for an average of 15% of human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, with beef releasing 4 times as much greenhouse gas as pork and 5 times as much as poultry.

Moreover, an astonishing 59% of ALL ice-free land worldwide is already used for animal farming. That’s 26% for direct grazing and 33% for growing animal feed. Even medium term that use of land is unsustainable.

A simple eating plan to achieve your goal

Achieving the goal  means you eat more plant-based foods – without necessarily completely cutting out all meat. Although you obviously can. Therefore is doubly valuable for you and the environment. It is expressed as a one page simple eating plan – coupled with an effective 3-minute relaxation exercise. It’s realistic and specific.

Stick the plan on your fridge door!

Print out the plan – or call us on Freephone 0800 279 7740 – for a free copy. Here is the plan:

Stick it on the fridge door so you can check if you hit the goal daily. New habits take on average 66 days to become ingrained – according to Psychology Today. So you need a daily reminder over a couple of months.

A disclosure about the recommended health supplement

The food plan alone will put you firmly in the top 5% of quality, healthy diets – but it does include a suggestion that you boost your nutritional intake even further with a supplement called NutriShield – which we make.

That’s because the level and range of nutrients you need to get the maximum protection from age-related illness and environmental hazard is higher than most people can realistically manage.

According to University College London and the American Cancer Society, the optimum healthy intake is 2-3 portions of oily fish a week and 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.  The Government’s much more well-known 5-a-day target is actually arbitrary – decided on when policy makers reasoned that a 10 a day target was so high that it risked people not even trying to up their fruit and veg intake at all.

NutriShield Premium contains 14 of the most effective plant nutrients as well as Omega 3, 24 essential vitamins and minerals and 3 more important nutrients – so it fills in the gap between the ideal and the realistic level of nutrition. [NutriShield Essentials contains 6 plant nutrients, Omega 3 and 24 essential vitamins and minerals.]

How the NutriShield plan helps you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

  • It will improve your health. Research shows that this type of ‘super-charged’ Mediterranean diet significantly reduces the risk of cognitive decline, of diabetes, of cardiovascular disease – and indeed all mortality risk.
  • It will help you get and keep in shape – because you are eating nutritionally dense foods which are satisfying and therefore curb your hunger for fattening calorie-dense foods. It becomes much easier to maintain a good weight.
  • To the extent that you will have more energy, be in shape and your blood-vessel flow will improve, it improves most people’s love life.
  • It might even save you money, as the foods in the plan are cheaper than processed ready-meals.

I wish you a very Happy and Healthy New Year!

Colin Rose


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