Over 50? The health facts every man should know

Over 50, men face health challenges From the 50s onwards, men face health challenges they do need to address. Yet, most men pay less attention to their health than women do. And a lot less thought than on creating a financial plan for their retirement. And staying healthy is the key to benefiting fully from … Read more

Over 50? The health facts every woman should know

Over 50, changes to a woman’s body bring health challenges Here’s how you can deal with them From about age 50 onwards, changes in a woman’s body bring health challenges you do need to address. The good news is that – if you do – your health can be better than ever, and your energy … Read more

Buying organic – when is it worthwhile?

fruit and vegetables

Are you eating the Dirty DozenTM? When it’s worth buying organic – and when it’s probably not Organic produce is more expensive. But is it worth the extra cost? Which is averagely 47% more than conventionally produced fruits, vegetables and meat. Since a main reason to buy organic is to avoid pesticide residue, you need … Read more

Set a goal instead of a New Year’s Resolution

Almost half of the population makes New Year’s Resolutions The 4 top resolutions – according to Statistica – are: Save money (53%) Get in shape (45%) Eat healthier (31%) Have more sex (25%) But less than 30% of people stick to their resolution for more than 30 days. And just 8% accomplish them! So here … Read more