Migraines caused by nutritional deficiency?

Migraines caused by nutritional deficiency? NutriShield Multi Vitamins and MineralsIf you suffer from migraines, you know how debilitating it can be. Almost 200,000 people suffer a migraine every day in the UK – the majority being women.

The problem is that most medical treatments are less than satisfactory.

New natural nutritional approach validated by study

The results from a study published June 2016 by the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital suggest there may be a welcome, new, natural approach. Stop the migraines from occurring in the first place by correcting nutritional deficiencies.

The research team from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital examined almost 8,000 children and young adults who suffered from migraines. They found a clear correlation between these people and a deficiency in vitamin B2 (riboflavin), CoQ10, and vitamin D, plus a possible correlation with folate deficiency.

The correlation was clear enough to hypothesise that that being deficient in B2, CoQ10, and vitamin D could be a key trigger for migraines.

Vitamin B2 Riboflavin

Although the Cincinnati researchers, as usual, cautioned that further research was needed, their hypothesis is supported by Medline, the US Library of Medicine database.

Medline states that high dose vitamin B2:  “… seems to significantly reduce the number of migraine headache attacks”.

They based that statement on a study in which people who took 400 mg of B2 for three months cut their number of migraines by over 50%.

Co-Enzyme Q10

A separate study on CoQ10, published in 2002, found that more than half of migraine sufferers who took a Co-Enzyme Q10 supplement reduced their migraine episodes by almost 50%. Even those who did still get a migraine saw the duration of their migraine drop by half. The dosage level for CoQ10 was 100mg three times a day.


Vitamin B2, vitamin D, and CoQ10 may not be the only deficiencies involved in migraine. The Migraine Trust confirms that migraine sufferers are generally low in magnesium and that magnesium supplementation helps and is particularly important in menstrual migraine.

Green light?

Migraine also appears to be associated with light sensitivity, which is why sufferers instinctively seek a darkened room. Intriguing new Harvard University research suggests, however, that a green light may lower pain levels.

Synergistic combination rather than mega-dose single nutrients

So should you be taking B2, CoQ10, vitamin D and magnesium? Almost certainly yes – but with a caveat.

The Cincinnati study identified ‘mild deficiencies’ in their subjects, whereas the Medline report cited a B2 supplement level of 400mg a day. That’s an enormous level compared to the adult RDA of 1.3 mg a day for riboflavin and research shows that mega doses of a single nutrient are rarely as effective as combining a range of nutrients to obtain a synergistic effect.

So it’s not surprising that a combination supplement (NutriShield) has customers who report less frequent, less severe and reduced duration of migraines. NutriShield contains effective levels of vitamin B2, vitamin D3 (the ‘sunshine’ form), CoQ10, folate, 114mg of magnesium and many other nutrients proven to help combat the underlying causes of ‘age-related illnesses. See https://nutrishield.com/anti-ageing-super-supplement/

Migraines caused by nutritional deficiency? NutriShield Multi Vitamins and Minerals
Spinach is high in magnesium

In addition to NutriShield, you may want to take an extra 500mg a day of magnesium, preferably in glycinate form, and/or eat more high-magnesium foods such as spinach, chard, avocados, almonds and cashews. The Migraine Trust recommends 3 months of supplementation as a minimum trial period to see results.

The ideal supplement combination of NutriShield and additional magnesium would be expected to result, not just in fewer migraines, but in better sleep and mood, more energy and a nutritional status that reduces the risk of heart disease, stroke and even cancer.


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