Vitamin D Depletion

Vitamin D isn’t really a vitamin. Whatever the original source – sunlight, food or supplements – vitamin D is turned by your liver into a hormone called calcitriol – or ‘activated vitamin D’. Without supplementation you get most of your vitamin D from sunlight, because surprisingly small amounts are found in a relatively few foods – … Read more

Healthy longevity in the Blue Zones

These three people have one thing in common. They live in a ‘Blue Zone’. A Blue Zone is an area or a population group where people live much longer and stay healthy into extreme old age. Woman from Okinawa, Japan Man from Costa Rica, Central America Man from Greece Researcher Dan Buettner collaborated with National … Read more

Top 10 tips for Brain Health

There is, as of now, no cure for dementia, so prevention strategies are essential. A reading of 30 recent studies suggests the following top 10 preventative measures. The good news is that you can retain your memory and remain mentally sharp with this 10 point plan. None of them involves pharmaceuticals. (Of course advice is … Read more