Prevent and repair DNA mistakes that lead to cancer

Cancer is the result of DNA mutations These mutations (mistakes) initiate cancer because even a tiny error in DNA can make cells multiply out of control. When a cell divides, it copies its DNA, so that each new cell has its own version of your genetic material. But each time this copying occurs, it creates … Read more

Why you need more vitamin D

You are almost certainly not getting enough vitamin D, according to the latest medical evidence. Along with other health researchers in the field, I am concerned that most people have far too little vitamin D for their best health – especially in the winter. Research shows that Vitamin D at an optimum level has many … Read more

The case for optimum Vitamin D

Scientific medical research shows that optimal levels of Vitamin D have the potential to: Reduce the risk of many cancers Lower the risk of dementia Reduce asthma symptoms Reduce the risk of bone fractures … and even increase life span Yet, according to the leading vitamin D researchers, the majority of us have well below … Read more

Grapeseed protects the brain

Medical News Today mostly tracks developments in conventional medicines, but a recent article highlighted multiple impressive therapeutic benefits of grapeseed extract as a supplement.   Grapeseed benefits include: Preventing cognitive decline Because grapeseed extract is very high in the polyphenol group called proanthocyanidins, which are neuro-protective in the hippocampus, it may prevent cognitive loss with … Read more

Statins – friend or foe?

Some cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have been found to significantly increase the risk of cataracts, muscle weakness, liver dysfunction and kidney failure (1). They confirm a pattern already familiar to many doctors who prescribe these drugs to vast numbers of patients, as per lucrative treatment guidelines that were heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. Aimed at … Read more