Over 50? The health facts every woman should know

Over 50, changes to a woman’s body bring health challenges Here’s how you can deal with them From about age 50 onwards, changes in a woman’s body bring health challenges you do need to address. The good news is that – if you do – your health can be better than ever, and your energy … Read more

Buying organic – when is it worthwhile?

fruit and vegetables

Are you eating the Dirty DozenTM? When it’s worth buying organic – and when it’s probably not Organic produce is more expensive. But is it worth the extra cost? Which is averagely 47% more than conventionally produced fruits, vegetables and meat. Since a main reason to buy organic is to avoid pesticide residue, you need … Read more

Set a goal instead of a New Year’s Resolution

Almost half of the population makes New Year’s Resolutions The 4 top resolutions – according to Statistica – are: Save money (53%) Get in shape (45%) Eat healthier (31%) Have more sex (25%) But less than 30% of people stick to their resolution for more than 30 days. And just 8% accomplish them! So here … Read more

Yogurt for gut health ☹ – prefer probiotic supplements

Yogurts don’t have enough probiotics to deliver gut health benefits Yogurts in supermarkets do not contain anywhere near enough probiotics – ‘friendly bacteria’ – to have the health benefits you might be looking for. That’s the conclusion of a major study from University of Toronto’s Department of Nutritional Sciences. As lead researcher Mary Scourboutakos puts … Read more

Soy anti-cancer, good for menopause, heart and bone health

DEFINITIVE GUIDE TO SOY AT A GLANCE ♦ SOY and its isoflavones are linked to lower breast cancer risk ♦ SOY and its isoflavones can reduce negative symptoms experienced during the menopause and help alleviate PMS symptoms for younger women ♦ SOY and its isoflavones can help lower blood pressure and improve heart health ♦ … Read more