Nutrient-dense superfoods black rice, purple corn, red palm oil

Experts agree that eating fruits and vegetables is a good idea, health-wise, though even the current recommended ‘dose’ of five-a-day – almost twice what the average UK consumer actually eats – is widely acknowledged to be sub-optimal (1). The food industry has taken note, and it has also noted that many of us prefer processed to … Read more

Beetroot and beet juice – in moderation

Have you seen publicity about beetroot juice? It’s good for all kinds of things, apparently. It improves failing memory, enhances stamina, reduces blood pressure and even acts as a kind of natural male potency enhancer. Or does it? Increased athletic performance The story was originally kick-started in the mainstream media a few years ago by … Read more

Fish for the brain

Back in 1997, an epidemiological study found that increased fish consumption was linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer’s Disease (1). Then in 2005, a pre-clinical study showed that a diet rich in the poly-unsaturated omega-3 fatty acids slowed the progression of Alzheimer’s type brain pathology in an aged mouse model (2). Three years later, … Read more

Statins – friend or foe?

Some cholesterol-lowering statin drugs have been found to significantly increase the risk of cataracts, muscle weakness, liver dysfunction and kidney failure (1). They confirm a pattern already familiar to many doctors who prescribe these drugs to vast numbers of patients, as per lucrative treatment guidelines that were heavily influenced by the pharmaceutical industry. Aimed at … Read more