Extraordinary health effects from curry spice

TURMERIC/CURCUMIN OUTPERFORMS STATINS It’s difficult to refrain from hyperbole when reviewing the natural nutrient curcumin, found in the curry spice turmeric. It may well outperform statins and other arthritis, heart and dementia drugs – all without side effects. Probably the most prestigious database for health researchers is the US National Library of Medicine, Institutes of Health. … Read more

Supplements, doctors and the K connection

Doctors in general do not practise preventative healthcare. Almost all the so-called ‘age-related’ diseases take from 10 to 20 years to surface as tangible life-threatening illnesses – heart disease, cancer, diabetes, dementia. That’s equally true of life-diminishing illnesses like chronic tiredness and erectile dysfunction . Magic bullet drugs are too late Because doctors are faced … Read more

Tending your microbiome Part 2

FOOD TO KEEP YOUR MICROBES HEALTHY The food that YOU eat is also the food that your gut microbes use to flourish or not.   Fermentation – the key to a healthy microbiome Fruits and vegetables and grains contain non-digestible carbohydrates (fibres) called pre-biotics. A pre-biotic is a microbe’s favourite food! Different gut microbes feed … Read more

Tending your microbiome Part 1

HARNESSING THE POWER OF 100 TRILLION FRIENDLY BUGS This is the story of how you came to be home to an astonishing number and range of microbes. It’s one of the two hottest topics in health science now – the Human Microbiome and Epigenetics. The Human Microbiome is the sum of all the genes from … Read more

The fat gene – blame your ape ancestors

Few animals – other than humans and our domestic pets – are troubled with weight issues or obesity. Now scientists at University College London, writing in Scientific American magazine, think they know why. A genetic mutation that occurred several million years ago in our ape ancestors could well be a cause of the modern problem … Read more