Make a good diet into a GREAT diet

The big difference between adequate and optimum nutrition Most of the food we eat will adequately support life. But it does not necessarily sustain ideal health. Witness the fact that UK national statistics show the average person will live the last 10 years of their life in ill health and some level of dependency. We … Read more

Introduction to Health Defence

In his bestselling book Health Defence, Dr Paul Clayton (a previous President of the Forum on Food and Health at the Royal Society of Medicine) shows that biological ageing is not simply due to the passing of the years. Health Defence is now out of print, but you can read this specially prepared and updated … Read more

7 food choices to add years of healthy life

Healthier longer with better dietary choices We are living longer – but we are NOT living healthier longer. In fact, the average person will live their last 12 years in poor health and at some level of disability and dependency (UK Office of National Statistics). [See see data here.] Who wouldn’t want to avoid that? … Read more